Casella Family Brands (NEW)


At the core of the Casella winemaking philosophy is the belief that the true spirit of a wine is determined by the perfect combination of outstanding grapes and the skill in the winemaking craft.

John Casella believes that sourcing superior parcels of fruit across Australia’s diverse wine landscape can produce exceptional wines that transcend traditional regional definitions.

The Casella range of premium wines is a true expression of this philosophy, and showcases John’s uncompromising commitment to crafting the highest quality wines in his signature style – big, bold and fruit driven; skilfully blended to achieve wines with elegance, balance and character.

Casella Limited Release

The vision for the Casella Limited Release range is to source only the most outstanding grapes of the vintage, from the most premium wine regions; an approach that emphasises the winemaking craft as the key to producing quality wines that deliver on depth, flavour and balance.

Casella 1919

Our Casella 1919 range is only produced in exceptional years.

John Casella originally created Casella 1919 with a view to crafting a small quantity of super-premium wines that he could give as a gift to those who had supported him throughout his journey.

The intention was for these special wines to be enjoyed amongst family and friends, but he was so proud of them that he decided to make the wines commercially available. The name of the wine is steeped in history with 1919 being the year that the first vineyard was planted on Farm 1471 in Australia’s Riverina region, the farm that would eventually become the home of Casella Family Brands.