Casella Family Brands (NEW)

Our Story
From Humble Beginnings
On a searing hot day in 1965 Filippo Casella sought shelter under a large Eucalyptus tree on the grounds of Farm 1471 in Yenda, New South Wales, Australia. It was here he made the winning bid for the land which was to become the home of Casella Family Brands. That very tree stands to this day and serves as a poignant reminder of the winery's strength built on humble origins.

Our History
Expertise gained through the generations
With a history of winemaking dating back to 1820, the Casella's have centred the family business on winemaking expertise and producing great quality Australian wine for the world.

Discover our growth over the years...
Discover our growth
over the years...
Our Vision
Focus on the Future
Today, John Casella's philosophy echoes his father's original winemaking intent; to create a range of distinct and outstanding Australian wines that enhance the joy of life, friendship and family.

Our Brands
Casella Family Brands is proud to offer a growing portfolio of distinct and outstanding Australian wines that people enjoy all around the world. In addition to our foundation [yellow tail] brand, we have a number of fine wines - Peter Lehmann Wines from the Barossa, Brand's Laira of Coonawarra, Morris Wines of Rutherglen and Baileys of Glenrowan.