Our vision is to be the company the world looks to first for distinct and outstanding Australian wine. We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team and help us realise this vision. Our company offers exciting and rewarding career opportunities throughout our global network.

As a family-owned company, our people and the communities we operate within are valued and respected. Integrity, trust and continuous improvement remain at the core of our business, and our people are supported in developing their full potential. The individual contributions of our people - especially when they are working in ways true to our company pillars - are respected, recognised and rewarded.

We have a proud history rooted in family values and a bright future ahead – come and join the Casella Family Brands journey. 


Our Four Pillars 

Our pillars describe what Casella Family Brands stand for and what’s important to us as a family-owned company. These pillars define our values, beliefs and reflect our aspiration of creating distinct and outstanding Australian wine the world can enjoy.


Entrepreneurial Spirit: The brave and confident spirit we embody                            

We remain at the forefront of our industry by having the courage to challenge the status quo. We inspire our people embrace change. We encourage people to think differently and continuously improve the way we do things.     

People: We comes before me                                                                               

We treat others how we wish to be treated and foster trust and respect. We empower people and ensure each individual understands the importantance of their contribution in achieving ongoing success. We pride ourselves on an open culture of collaboration that ensures people feel valued and appreciated.

Communities: Our extended Casella family                                                         

We build and sustain long-standing relationships based on trust, integrity and respect. We treat our partners as part of the Casella family and we support our local communities that in turn support us.  

Accountability: If not you, then who?                                                        
We demonstrate willingness to take personal responsibility for our actions. We encourage people to focus on finding solutions and achieving results. Our word is very important to us and we keep our promises and commitments made to others. 



Every year, Casella Family Brands offers a number of scholarships from Charles Sturt University, Deakin University, University of Adelaide and T.A.F.E. NSW to help students with their studies. Casella Family Brands scholarships are offered in several different fields including health, science and wine research. These scholarships are designed to alleviate some of the financial pressures that come with studying and motivate students to achieve great results.




For any HR related enquiries please contact us by email: recruit@casellafamilybrands.com